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Hello, and Welcome, to the journey!

…discovery of self for personal transformation, using old tools, applied to today!

The tools are the Principles and the 12 Steps used by all recovery programs. Behind each Step are Principles for living.

A Bit About Me

I’m a retired school teacher…specialized in Emotional/Behavioral “Challenged” students from Kindergarten through High school. My experience afforded me many hours of studying motivation and behavior in all kinds of people.

When I graduated from college, back in 1975, from Eastern Michigan University, the economy, said “Pack your bags, if you want a teaching job!”
After, a year of floundering around with waiting tables and substitute teaching, for almost a year, a fellow classmate, encouraged several of us to move to, Houston, Texas, where I have resided, ever since.

I studied astrology, as an aside, while studying my education courses. I have counseled men women and children using the horoscope for “self-discovery”. Through, astrology, I learned the inner tensions, that drive people to the symptoms, of their disease. Alcohol/drugs, shopping, getting, into everyone’s business! All, symptoms, of an unmanageable life. I’m schooled, in LCDC…Drug/alcohol counseling.


I’m a student of Silva Mind Control, deep, meditations, and visualization…Attraction, of good, things…canceling out negative thoughts…And, I am a practicing, Astrologer.Here, I learned the power of visualization for deep, change from, within. The Big Book AA , is the basic book for all 12 Step programs, and will, be only, modified, to change the situation. !st Step…”We were powerless, over people, places, and things-Our lives, had become “Unmanageable”. encourages further studies for spiritual growth,

I’m a 12 Step program follower and hope to meld all these experiences, into personal transformation program for happiness and peace. AA, allowed, me the connection, with that higher force/power. without the confines, of man-made religon! 12 Steps for Everyone, has no label! “Restless, irritable, discontent”?…  Will, offer help, for anyone!

I, use a Astorlogiacl, natal chart to help, understand, each individual, which is what the 4th Step, encourages…self-inventory…finding the individual. It. is a scientific tool, for understanding, each person, from their onset…birth!

I’ve seen, many, people, that would like help, but the standard, 12 step programs, don’t fit, them. Here, I hope to have a meeting place, where, people, with like, challenges, can meet and discuss, their, journey…coping, skills, and recovery!!


To, provide a pleasant Sandbox Without Walls, where everyone, feels comfortable and safe, while dealing with many of life’s challenges. To, help, others learn and utilize, the Serenity Prayer…when conflicts, arise. Have the stigma, of the symptom, be removed…

I, have, drawn, inspiration, from a wealth of other mentors, and books. I, will review, books and suggest for different situations. Music…must have a song for the day!!

No, fluff!! Serious, business, this thing we call, “Life!!…I choose, my paths…carefully!…

Barb-Founder of “12 Steps for Everyone-Sandbox Without Walls-free-range thinking, guaranteed!…’An Open Mind’-Required

All the best, Barbara/Founder…Dec. 21, 2017!

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