12 Steps for Everyone Recovery Program

After just 2 years in a 12 Step recovery program, I realized that these steps and Principles of 12 Step recovery programs, can easily be practiced by all. 13 years later, Launch of 12 Steps4Everyone.com, is launched

Why wait until one is so overwhelmed by life’s issues that lead right to addictive behaviors? 

The Principles behind the steps are ways to prevent or arrest addictive behavior.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

A daily dose of the 12 Steps keeps Chaos away!

Nobody is without challenges and changes in life. How WE respond to these changes, effects our joy and happiness.

The 12 Steps allow us to RESPOND rather to REACT to these changes.

We become the Pitcher, in the Game of Life, instead of the Pinball!

We gain personal Power!

I hope to teach each Step with the Principle each step reflects…

One Day at a Time! OneStep at a time!

As we progress in the steps, this website will be offering an interactive community, where folks with common difficulties may come together to share their Experience, Stength, and Hope, as they found Peace and a level of Serenity.

How to deal with divorce, death and grief, relationship problems, physical health issues, just to name a few.

Selecting a career path when fired or laid-off, is a common concern as we come out the the changes brought on by Co-Vid.

The fellowship and friends we will meet will help us all get through many of life’s crises.

In keeping the the tradition of Anonymity, call me MajorBarbara.

I am the founder of “12Steps4Everyone.com” and the Sandbox Without Walls (Sandbox WOW)

If if you’re just curious about this program, you are welcome to learn and grow with us. We all benefit from the experience of others who have tackled a personal issue.

I do hope you’ll join us on this wonderful adventure of Self-Discovery and Personal Empowerment!