Why, AA Works…Dr. Tiebout…1945…10 years after

Any, new, thought, must, certainly, looked, as with, an “air of skepticism”, which, is rather healthy, when one, gets, so, much, “bad”, information,as, times, through, people’s opinions, lacking, anything, to substaniate, their, position. I’m taking, liberty, to add, my, thoughts, and bring, certain, ideas, to an everyday, perspective. Editor’s comments…

This, piece, is an analysis, on taken, from, Alcoholics Anonymous- Comes of Age,,,A brief, History of AA.

“Therapeutic Mechanism of Alcoholics Anonymous”, by, Dr. Harry M, Tiebout, Greenwich, Connecticut.

“Alcoholics, Anonymous, is the name applied, to a group of ex-alcoholics who, through therapeutic-program, which includes, a definite religious, element, have successfully combated alcoholism. The groups stem, from the efforts, of one man, Mr. “X”, who, in 1934 found an answer to his drinking problem, in a religious experience. This experience he as able to translate into terms which are meaningful for others. Since, then many alcoholics, have become sober, by using this approach.”

The program has 3 distinct components:

  1. Attend weekly meetings
  2. Study the Big Book AA
  3. Help Newcomers!- 2 way, benefit! Oldster, shares, experience! Newcomer, allows, perspective, and growth. Win! Win!

Each, person, is given, but a “Daily Reprieve”!…based, on spiritual, condition. Somedays?…more difficult than, others, but there are “Tools”, for understanding, and going on, with, less friction…”Life on Life’s terms!”

Recovery rate: Mushroomed!!…“commands, respect and demans explanation”

  • first year -5
  • 4th year – 100
  • 7th year – 8000

“My first, contact with the group, came through the medium of a 34 yr-old, woman, patient”… treatments, hadn’t worked, though, she desperately, wanted to stop drinking!!
Dr. Tiebout, had received, “a copy of Alcoholics Anonymous, yet, in multilith, form”…before printing, “After, reading, came to agree with accurate description of the character problem”…defects. “Narcissistic, ego centered, core, dominated by feeling of omnipotence, intent, on, maintaining, their inner integrity, at all, costs. These, are also, found, in many other individuals, though, this is a common, character, structure, …”.

“Defiant, individuality”, unwilling, to bow to anyone, God, or man…! Admitting a presence of a power, greater, than, himself”, …”a God of our own understanding”, he/she, is on his way to recovery!… Apt, to stay, sober, ’til, they pass-away. “We cease, fighting…”, Life on Life’s terms, Acceptance, of People, places, and things…themselves, as a unique, individual. Not, God, and running, the show… “Friends, view it as new-found, religion…Psychiatrists… form of self-hypnosis”.

He encouraged, this woman, to give it a read…nothing, else, was working, and she was “Willing”. She, began, AA meetings, and learning the steps and principles, and became, recovered. Daily Reprieve…always, something lurking…hidden, fear or resentment…off, again, to escape!

She, had learned to face her, reality, and “Accept”, herself, and others…we, are flawed, persons, acting, out of fear… She, went through the scary tunnel of her, past, and looked, as those fears, and resentments with a different, light. Our, patient, became, “objective”…”a spiritual, awakening”… As, Carl Jung, calls, the “Collective-Unconscious”, looking as the situation, reality, with a perspective, of removing herself, her feeling out of the situation. Viewing, as an outsider, just seeing, the harm she was doing, to herself, and others! “We are creators of our own, misery”. What, are the selfish, drives, and expectations, of others??… Disappointments… heading your way. She, became a part, of the group, and starting giving freely to others. One, can’t stay, wrapped up in self, the victim, hurting, and fearful…when, out helping others, less unfortunate.

In, another, case, study, a gentleman, “He, was desperate, depressed, with, all the fight, knocked-out of him…willing to try, anything!”… The gift of desparation! … Willingness!

“Defiant individuality”, no, longer defies, but, accepts, help, guidance, and control, from the outside. And, as the individual, gives, up, negative, aggressive, feelings, toward self and life, …love, friendliness, peacefulness, and pervading contentment!… Aggressive, feelings, replaced, with a true humility.

“He had switched, from a, completely ego-centric, subjective point of view, to, an objective, mature understanding of himself, and his relationships, with others”… “He was able to penetrate, behind, his, facade, of his rationalizations, and defense reactions, and see where, he was, indeed, a selfish, ego driven individual,”… fighting, everything! He, longer, had to defend, the illusion, of the ego. Patient, was now, free to “Relax and take it easy.”…”I’m, kinda, glad, that I can feel, there is a  Supreme being, who can keep things going right. I, guess, that;s like a spiritual feeling.”…”Whatever, it is, I hope it stays, because I’ve never felt so peaceful.”

Rapid, psychological reorientation, resulting in a entirely new approach to life, seems to be the pervading, theme. In, order, to instill, new habits…practice, needs to continue, until, new habits ar formed.

Patients, ferret, out reasons, for failure, and self-loathing, to become, reliant, on a “higher-power”, glady, giving over control…They, never, had anyway!…Illusions and Fears, cease, to drive the indiviual, and a true healing of mind, body, and soul, can continue.  Powerless, over people, place and things…including, alcohol!… He, now has, the freedom,  and power of choice!

Members, often, keep attending meetings, and welcoming, newcomers…guiding them through the steps, as an objective sounding-board, now referred to as, sponsorship, to a subjective, feeling oriented individual. this, balance is ongoing, understanding the subjective/self, when acting out of feelings and fears…or objective/observer, it just “is”…a situation.  





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